TX SSP Coalition ( includes all committees from below. You can join and help us!

Accommodation Committee (

Responsible for assisting with SSPs, Drivers, and Interpreters during hearings and meetings.
(Led by Hayley Broadway,  Jen Borland, and Tresa Beard)

Advisory Committee (

Responsible for providing guidance with legislative efforts.
(Led by Nancy Riley and Kris Lund. Others are Evelyn Shields, Linda Litzigner and Jacque Orr)

Bill Committee (

Responsible for crafting the bill and tracking its progress during the legislation process.
(Led by Kris Cue and Jacque Orr)

Community Committee (

Responsible for identifying key stakeholders for support and testimonials.
(Led by Kim Powers and Heather Withrow. Others are Kim Huston, Samantha Ferrel, Sarah Goodwin, Heather Pavey, and Kris Cue)

Sponsor Committee (

Responsible for getting many sponsors as possible for the bill.
(Led by Vivecca Hartman. Others are Susie Welch,  Linda Litizinger, Michael Swoboda, and Jacquelien Izaguirre)

Public Relations Committee (

Responsible for disseminating info via newsletters, website, and social media frequently.
(Led by Heather Pavey and Lauren (Gabby) Raley. Others are Samantha Ferrell, Dylan Lutes, Lucy Hovinga, Andrew Cohen and Hayley Broadway)

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