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  • Visibility Gathering
    • Every Tuesday at from 10:30 am – 12:45 pm at Capitol Grill inside the State Capitol
  • Legislative March
    • April – TBA

(Please contact if you are DeafBlind and need a SSP or a Driver!)

Purpose of Senate Bill 704 and House Bill 1564

Senate Bill 704 has been filed by Senator Watson.

Also House Bill 1564 (a companion bill) has been filed by Representative Hinojosa.

The goal for the bill is to establish a SSP Program in Texas.

For decades, the DeafBlind community have been overlooked due to their low incidence population. The DeafBlind individual’s access to information and skills is profoundly impacted. By utilizing the specialized communication skills of Support Services Providers (SSPs) , the DeafBlind individual can achieve a greater level of autonomy and independence.

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Image Description: A black/white image of Texas State Capitol and part of the grounds in the background with a circular emblem on upper right side of the photo that shows a Texas State star in the middle and the words “The State of Texas” on top inside the circle. On the left side and the foreground of the photo are block silhouettes of a person walking with a blind cane and another person touching the cane user’s elbow.

DeafBlind Adults
DeafBlind Children

Benefits of SSPs for the DeafBlind




National SSP Surveys Results

2017National SSP Surveys Results
2017 National SSP Surveys Results

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True tidbits from DeafBlind individuals

"Using SSPs make my life complete; I am able to get groceries weekly, and be the best mother I could be to my two children, without carrying the guilt of asking family members or friends. I would be so lost without one.”
A young female with brown hair
“SSPs helped me feel connected to people.”
A male wearing glasses
“I didn’t know what I was missing until I experienced my first SSP at a DeafBlind leadership workshop.”
A young female with blonde hair
“I was able to go on regular hikes in nature with my friend, a volunteer SSP.”

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